Since 2013, we had a drive to help students that had academic challenges. Dr. Alexander, Dr. Thurein and Dr. Ope started our teaching process by tutoring a few students for KROK 1.

     A colleague of ours, Dr. Ibrahim came up with an idea to expand the scope of our activities so as to encompass all the students from different countries regardless of academic backgrounds or nationality. This idea was agreed upon by the founders and thus, set in motion. Dr. Alexander consulted the dean about our plans, and with his permission we founded the International Medical and Dental Students’ Academic Society (IMDSAS). 

     Dr. Alexander, Dr. Thurein, Dr. Ibrahim, and Dr. Ope became the founding fathers. Several professors were invited to be our patrons including but not limited to Assoc. Prof. Anna Titova, Assoc. Prof. Irina Poddubnaya, and the dean Prof. V.M. Sinayko.

     Our first major tutorial was carried out in the department of Psychiatry, a venue which we obtained through the help of our dean. There were more than 60 students in attendance and we had to use 3 classrooms. Dr. Alexander, Dr. Ope and Dr. Thurein were each in charge of a classroom. We received a major positive feedback from our students and great support from our dean. This encouraged us to strive further to provide such activities for the students. Steadily, we got more members through tutoring, mainly through the efforts of Dr. Alexander.

     We relentlessly carried out KROK 1 tutorials throughout most of 2014 – 2016 and as such, our tutoring team was expanded to include our former students (Lamis, Udodi, Jacob, Mustafa).

     Dr. Thurein and Dr. Ahmed also carried out KROK 2 tutorials in 2016 and Dr. Thurein gave ECG tutorials with many students in attendance.

     We had regular meetings discussing different issues that our students faced and things that we planned to do for our students.


     In 2016, we elected new heads, the president, Mustafa and his team.


     Unfortunately, since we lacked sufficient contribution from the dental students and the first name of our society sounded similar to another organization, we came up with a new name – The Academic Society of International Medical Students (ASIMS).

     Our society was founded and is maintained by zealous industrious and intelligent medical students who are always eager to help. It is continuously being supported by our patrons and friends. The founding fathers have pledged to continue their support for ASIMS on its quest for excellence.