"Good day to you all!

             First of all, a huge congratulations to all the students that sat for  "THE BIG QUIZ 2018", they all passed. Congrats to the winners - they deserve it all.

             For the second year running the the BIG QUIZ has been a success and students have benefited. The aim of this test is to promote reading and academic excellence.

          The quiz this year focused but not only limited to "oxford handbook of clinical medicine, 11th edition" and questions were all set by Dr. Thurein Soe.


Here are the marks for the ASIMS BIG QUIZ 2018 (Held on Nov 17, 2018):
a. 88.4%
b. 73.2%
c. 72.6%
d. 70.0%
e. 66.8%
f. 66.8%
g. 66.8%

That means we have three winners! Congratulations!!!!

NOTE: Names of winner will be announced on 21st December 2018