CARDIO GUIDELINES:how not t kill a patient.




            16th December 2017 was indeed a great day. A day filled with invaluable acquisition of knowledge, motivation, fun and garnished with surprises.

              The first conference of the academic year titled CARDIO GUIDELINES; how not to kill a patient.

               The day began with a run through in the Basics of ECG, how to identify pathologies on an ECG and a quick multiple choice questions in form of KAHOOT which all students took part in. Students were later divided into groups for an ECG workshop. Some students also received certificates ranging from group quiz winners to trainers and of course winners of THE BIG QUIZ got their prizes and certificates too. The day ended with HOW NOT TO KILL A PATIENT while performing a CPR.

               In attendance were over a 130 students from 1st to 6th year of medical study which showed that events like this is not an option but a requirement and a necessity.

             On behalf of the Board of Directors and Executives I would like to thank Dr. Elena Ogneva, Dr. Andrii Telezhnyi, Dr. Anna Titova for their presence and also Prof. Vadym Sinaiko (Dean of 6th Medical Faculty for training of English Medium Students), without their continuous support this conference wouldn't have come to pass. Thanks also to all active members of ASIMS who made it their mission make sure the conference was a success.

                    Lest I forget, our heartfelt and most profound gratitude to Dr. Anna Titova and Majida Sameja who both worked tirelessly and took it upon themselves to share their vast amount of knowledge to all in attendance.

                    Finally, my sincere thanks to all the participants and we are looking forward to seeing you in our upcoming events.

                     Kindly go to the gallery to see pictures from this event.


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