Active Participation (Presenting)

What is an active participant?

Active participants are students who want to make presentation.
An active participant can make his or her presentation in three ways:
1)      Oral Presentation (Powerpoint)

2)      Publication of scientific work

Who can be an active participant?

An active participant can be a medical student from any level in medical school.

How can I become an active participant?

To become an active participant, you have to submit an abstract of your research. This abstract must be in coherence with the theme of the congress "AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES"

What happens next?

After we have gathered all abstracts submitted up until the 21st of March 2020, the Organizing Committee of ASIMS ANNUAL CONGRESS 2020 will grade all abstracts. They will give the students with the best abstract the opportunity to present their research as an oral presentation.


You will receive an email if you are accepted as an active participant before the 29th March 2020.

What are the benefits of being an active participant at ASIMS ANNUAL CONGRESS?

  • Presentation of your scientific work.

  • Publication of abstract.

  • Access to workshops and presentation.

  • Certificate of participation.

  • You can seize the opportunity to win large prizes.

What else?

The fees to attend ASIMS ANNUAL CONGRESS 2020 as an active participant is as follows;



Register as an active participant here